France Colvert

high standards.

Our dedicated team takes great care to ensure that our rigorous quality standards are met at every stage of production. From the choice of broodstock to the rearing process, including feeding and health management, every aspect is meticulously controlled to guarantee consistent, exceptional quality.

an exclusive hatchery.

Our hatchery is located in Argenvilliers (28). Exclusively dedicated to the production of Mallard ducks, it is located outside a breeding area to ensure the production of chicks in an irreproachable biosecurity environment.

Since taking over the hatchery, we’ve never stopped developing our facilities.

The selection

We go to great lengths to select our breeding stock so that we can offer you ducks of exceptional quality to meet all your requirements.


Sorting and grading the eggs, health checks on the farms, transport and delivery protocols – every stage is secure and controlled.


Our rigorous traceability system allows us to track every stage of production, from egg to duck.


The viability of our animals can only be fully guaranteed if they are vaccinated against Botulinum toxin according to a strict protocol : 2 injections 3 weeks apart.

Thanks to this quality approach, we are now


Transparency & Trust.

We believe in transparency and trust. That’s why we make a point of sharing our commitment to quality with our customers.